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For men, this includes a suit and tie or dress pants, dress shirt, and dress shoes.
For ladies, this includes an evening dress, cocktail dress, formal dress slacks, dress skirt and blouse/top, evening shoes and/or heels.
Guests arriving in any other attire must abide by the following guidelines:

  • No Inappropriate Head wear/Gear.

  • No Chains or Large Jewelry.

  • Fitted Clothing Required.

  • No Dirty/Stained Clothing.

  • No Jerseys or Sports Attire.

  • No plain white Shirts or Plain Color Shirts.

  • No Cut-Offs, Tank Tops, Sleeveless, Muscle Shirts.

  • No Long, Baggy Clothing or Sagging.

  • No Scrubs.

  • No Spandex.

  • No Shorts (Saturday)

  • No Jean Shorts, Gym Shorts, Sweat Shorts, Cut-off Shorts.

  • No Ripped or Torn Jeans or Shredded.

  • No Folds on Pants (Inward or Outward)

  • No Boots.

  • No Penny Loafers.

  • No Plain White Shoes.

  • Heels are Required.

  • No Flip Flops or Sandals.


Please be aware that all decisions concerning dress and attire will be made at the complete discretion of the door person and with consideration to the aforementioned guidelines.
Anyone inside prior to opening will be asked to conform to dress code or exit the establishment.
Management reserves the right to refuse the entry to anyone or modify this list at any time.